Monday, January 23, 2017

"Investigating" sexual Harassment

Update on the Dog and Pony Show
"Investigating" Sexual Harassment at the Capitol

A second bimbo eruption hit Rep. Dan Kirby last week.   A long time legislative assistant named Carol Johnson came out of the wood work after accusing Kirby of demanding nude photos and making unwelcome remarks about her body and attire.  Hmmm, how many women keep nude photos of themselves on their phone I wonder…Johnson even admitted to attending a strip club with Kirby and another man in 2013.

Johnson showed up Wednesday afternoon and spoke before the House committee for over an hour, accompanied by the same attorney that obtained the $44,000 settlement for the previous Kirby accuser, Holly Bishop.

Johnson said she reported the harassment to the House HR department in September after "reaching a breaking point."  Kirby denies everything, saying it was a consensual relationship starting in 2012.   Kirby claims the first photos were sent unsolicited by Johnson.
Johnson claims she isn't doing this for money, then why hire an attorney?  The attorney is coyer about the issue, saying they will reassess things at a later date.  Johnson was put on paid leave in September after making her accusations against Kirby the assigned to another legislator before quitting in December for "family reasons".


As for the committee "investigating" the allegations, reports state that they refuse to bring up former state rep Randy Grau's alleged involvement with Holly Bishop or allegations that he coached Bishop to file the charges against Kirby.  Source claim that Grau did so to divert Bishop's ire toward him for dumping her in order to keep his own marriage intact.

Our opinion is that Kirby is probably a creep, given that admits he preys on workers at the Capitol, even his own assistants.  I pity the girl working for him now if there is one.  But behind this or taking advantage of this is most likely former state rep Randy Grau and House Leadership who is striving hard to prevent the "investigation" from leaking out into the general House ranks.