Sunday, July 16, 2017

Carol Bush And Her Democrat Dreams

 Tulsa GOP State Representative Carol Bush Openly Endorses Democrat Opponent of Congressman Steve Russell

The woman with the microphone in the picture above is none other than Rep. Carol Bush of District 70. She appeared Thursday at a campaign kickoff for Kendra Horn who is a Democrat for United State Congress in District 5 in Oklahoma City currently held by incumbent is Congressman Steve Russell.

Rep. Carol Bush you will recall unseated a fairly conservative state rep and before she was even orientated at the January 2017 legislative meeting she had been ordered to apologize to the Republican Caucus for attacking them and fellow Republican Rep. John Bennett in a Tulsa area newspaper interview. 

The Sooner Tea Party newsletter had re ran the story of Bush savagely attacking Bennett and the rest of the GOP legislators in our Christmas day newsletter and within an hour House Leadership had called her on the carpet and ordered her to call Bennett immediately and apologize and to apologize to her fellow Republicans via email. The call to Bennett went unanswered that night being that it was Christmas day but Bush received a return call the next day so she could apologize.

Despite the attempt to set her straight or perhaps because of the butt whipping, Carol Bush managed to get 19 votes out of 20 wrong and one missed vote, giving her a 5 out of 100 points on the 2017 Oklahoma RINO Index.

Rep. Carol Bush will be primaried next year unless she switches party. Between the liberal Republicans and the Democrats that run for office as Republicans, it is no wonder that the GOP has lost its way and is passing more new taxes and fees than the Democrats ever thought about passing.