Monday, July 31, 2017

Mental Health Commissioner Spends A Night In Jail For Assault

Nice mug shot !
Crazy is as Crazy Does

   We have always had our doubt about Commissioner of Mental Health Terry White. Her political ambition isn't well hidden and as a crony of Mary Fallin, well the apple never fall far from the tree. Commissioner White has gutted DHS, focusing on sending 90% of her budget to contractors, slashing the mental health services and child protection services, sending most of the troublesome work out to unaccountable private contractors. She has closed down most of the mental health centers and beds, keeping a tiny fraction of the amount of beds needed for a population the size of Oklahoma.

  What does Commissioner White get in return? She has built an empire of contractor cronies that owe her and Fallin political favors and contributions to campaign coffers. Commissioner White's political ambitions will benefit when she feels the time is right to run for office.

  So the irony of the Commissioner of Mental Health being arrested on June 21st in Walton County Florida on charges of domestic battery violence is just priceless. White claims that the case has been closed and did an admirable job (if you are a sociopath) of throwing her brother under the bus, claiming that he had a history of substance abuse and was screaming at "the family". Commissioner White must have relied upon standard mental health training by promptly throwing a cup of water (or more likely a mixed drink) into her brother's face. Right... not sure that is a way to deescalate a situation.

  Said brother allegedly pushed White up against a wall, leading White to call 911, leading to White being arrested for instigating the confrontation by throwing the water in the first place.

  Commissioner White lashed out at the police department, claiming dismay that she was arrested and that Oklahoma cops would have responded differently, then turning around and saying that she thanks them for all they do.....

White admitted that she talked to county officials afterward and had enough clout to get the criminal charges dropped.

Reading between the lines the possibility exists that things went down more like this:

Drunken Family Brawl Broken up in Walton County

  Oklahoma Commissioner of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Terri White was arrested after a violent confrontation fueled by meth and booze. The vacationing family came to blows fighting for the last hit of meth, leading Ms. White to throw a mason jar of moonshine into the faces of the rest of the clan members, allowing her to snatch the prize. Luckily the crew from "Cops" was on hand and captured Walton County deputies taking down the combative and inebriated Commissioner White and hauling her off to a 12 hour detox in the drunk tank. Governor Fallin of Oklahoma intervened and threatened a border war over the incident, leading Walton County to quietly dismiss all charges.