Wednesday, July 5, 2017

HD 46 Race gives you a Choice Between Sex Party Charlie and Weak on Abortion Chambers

 HD 46 Race gives you a Choice Between

Sex Party Charlie and Weak on Abortion Chambers

Down around Noble and along the West side of I-35 in Norman lays House District 46, an empty seat that has a primary election on July 11th. and what miserable choices there are for conservative voters.

First is weak on abortion Darin Chambers, a former Navy officer, who styles himself as an educator. He is weak on abortion, preferring the status quo to making it more difficult to kill babies. The guy has chambercrat written all over his website and Facebook pages.

The other leading contender is Sex Party Charlie Samples, outed by the Oklahoman for being in hot water in the 90's while a young state trooper. Party rooms, strip clubs, blow j*bs, alleged prostitutes or strippers going" down" on each other after taking care of the party guests, the whole ball of wax. I had to double check that the guy wasn't running for Senate with that resume.

Sex Party Charlie claimed that as he was off duty he wasn't tarnishing the State Police image and wasn't responsible to live up to their standards. Apparently after threats of lawsuits DPS withdrew their disciplinary action against the troopers and Sex Party Charlie continued on as a trooper. You can read all about the debacle herehere, and here. The most incredible part were the claims that the two women weren't paid for their "job" and that none of the troopers knew who they were. Geeze, never in my life have I rented a hotel room that came with such amenities. Must be some lucky guys and a couple of girls deciding to support law enforcement on a whim.

Then there is the other GOP aligned candidate, Jimmy Shannon who makes no bones about his soft on crime beliefs, raising taxes for education and more state spending, and micro managing health care for all.

Something tells me we are going to be spending some time down in that district regardless of who wins the race.