Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sen. Marlatt's Latest Nightlife Rumors

Byrce Marlatt "Shocked" by Lewd Act Allegations

Republican state senator Bryce Marlatt has said little since the allegations came out last week, only that he was "shocked" at the allegations and has hired a lawyer to "get to the bottom of the allegations". Hmmm, seems like trying to get to a bottom was what landed the boy in trouble.

Marlatt is accused of forcefully grabbing an Uber driver and kissing her neck while she drove him to a hotel. The police report lists one hilarious fact that wasn't redacted, the victim weighed 250 pounds....

Hold the emails, we aren't fat shaming the victim, glad she had the courage to speak out and try to put a predator away, but it will always be hilarious when a high falutin politician like this gets caught with a fat chick. When the woman is hot men will nod their head and commensurate about temptation but that excuse is blown out of the water when a fat chick is the victim.

Attorney Robert Don Grifford admintted that Bryce Marlatt of Woodward (going to be hard to write this article without making all kind of puns) is the person accused in the redacted police reports.
Some criticism has been voiced over the victim waiting two days but after reading the police report and seeing that the victim had googled the perp after the attack and realized he was a powerful politician I can understand why she hesitated or had to gain the courage to file charges. Ask me about vindictive state senators sometime.... and an Uber driver can lose their job over a single bad report from a client so she was right to think things over.

For Marlatt's part he has been as visible and present as a box of donuts at a Fallin staff meeting, meaning the boy disappeared quickly and seems to have hired a master spin doctor as well as a lawyer if you consider what CBS quoted him saying: "The senator was shocked by the allegations," Gifford said. "He wants to get to the bottom of this, and that's why he's gotten us involved, to contact Uber and figured out what happened." Right, he got the lawyer involved to contact Uber to find out what happened....right...that's the ticket... Marlatt has his attorneys telling the media that he looked forward to cooperating. Sure, most of us would look forward to cooperating with the cops after we had been accused of sexual assault....

Marlatt is a married (or at least he was at the time) father for four and social media photos showed that he had a reasonably attractive wife. On the other hand the guy was out carousing in the middle of summer a few hundred miles from home so it remains to be seen if wifey still considers him a catch or if she has the dude sleeping on the couch to avoid catching cooties from his extra legislative exploits.

Senate leadership though is aware of the damage to the state senate the last few years and is being uncharacteristically responsive, stripping Marlatt of his leadership roles as chairman of the Senate Energy Committee and vice (there's another pun) chair of two other Senate panels.

This isn't Bryce Marlatt's first bush with the law as he was arrested after being found in control of his vehicle while drunk, passed out at a stop light in Woodward County. He received a deferred sentence after pleading no contest and later when the attention died down the case was dismissed..... The attorney spun the case as Marlatt using prescription sleeping pills and drinking but stopping the vehicle after "becoming concerned about the effects." Right.... stopping a vehicle at a stop light and passing out is showing concern....