Sunday, July 23, 2017

McDugle vs McDugle

McDugle vs. McDugle

  Yehhhochhhh!....Good Lord, another ugly divorce that is about to stain the Republican Caucus. Rumors of problems have floated around for weeks and more substantial allegations came out along with copies of court filings between Rep. Kevin McDugle and his wife. After looking into it we decided not to choose a dog in this fight this week and let the situation develop and give time for all of the shoes to drop so to speak.

  The Lost Ogle did run the story this week and we can verify some of the info they posted and could even add a bit to it but mostly they did a fair job of laying things out. One thing that didn't look right was the allegations of being married to two wives at once, we think that is a reference to a 2003/2004 court case and if it was the divorce was granted about 4 to 4.5 months before the second marriage license was granted.

  Meanwhile I think that just about every other person from East Tulsa/Wagoner County has called or emailed us and all we can say is that McDugle has upset an awful lot of people. We will revisit this story in a week or two once things have shaken out. And is it news? 
  We say it is.... due to the fact that family values were claimed in the race and given all the problems that the GOP legislators have weathered in this year.