Sunday, October 2, 2016

Letter: Tax A Tax Holiday From the Boren Proposal

A Letter from a Reader
1.    Boren's sales tax.  Did you know that retired teachers and state employees health choice will go up $50 a month  in Jan.  For my husband and I this is $100 a month. We get no increase in our teacher's retirement or social security and the question in our household is "what do we cut NOW?.  We can't afford to pay more sales tax. 

  Teachers in OK make damn good money for working 8 months out of the year, in a clean safe school.  They get there 7:30 in the morning and out of there by 4:30, LOTS of holidays during the year.'

2. The right to farm, John that you speak of with OCPAC said I was drinking the kool aid because I'm a YES vote on the question.  I'm amazed he's on the wrong side.

Keep up the good work,

J. M., retired teacher and conservative and OKIE