Monday, October 31, 2016

Volunteers Needed Now: Voter Guides & Distribution

Hey, I'm Talking to You!

  Okay folks, you are really, really needed to volunteer to get the voter guides out before the election.  While a trickle of people showed up this weekend we need a lot more hands on deck to get these 30,000 magazines into the voter's hands before Sunday.

  The magazine has a story on Civil Asset Forfeiture, the Medicaid Expansion attempt last session, the RINO Index and each House District that is covered has separate issues for the areas where senate districts overlap, with the issue covering both the state rep and the state senator.  The lead story is about Sheriff John Whetsel and the State Auditor's investigation and the possible criminal charges that might be filed.  There is a story about SQ 777 and another on SQ 780 and 781 as well as a story that covers all of the state questions.

There is a big story on education spending, the history of it including all the previous "fixes" like the lottery and 1017 and how voters are hoodwinked into believing it is for the kids.  The story debunks the lies about Oklahoma teacher pay being near to dead last when it is really in the middle of the rankings when adjusted for cost of living in the state.  We cover the ever corrupt Oklahoma County D.A. David Prater and Kris Steele being behind the SQ 780 and 781 and we remind people of the one billion dollars in new taxes and fees in last session's budget.

There is judicial retention information and a great story by Gary Richardson on the state turnpike system.

We want to educate the voters before the election but this massive magazine drop also will send fear into the hearts of all 149 state legislators as they know full well that it could be their district next in line.  The voters also get a look at the underbelly of politics and they will be a little harder to fool next time around.

We still have a lot of folding to do.  It takes about 15 seconds to gather six pages, fold them, and drop them in the boxes.  Four per minute, 240 per hour, so it takes a lot of people to get through the 10,000 magazines in a House District drop.  Then they need bagged which is quick, around six per minute or 3 hours per thousand.  That process can be farmed out if you would rather work at home while watching TV.  Just come by and pick up a box and bring them back the next morning.

Distribution has already begun down in Sequoyah County which has 10,000 copies of the magazine.  Saturday night 14 hardworking, dedicated STP conservatives spread out over the county carpet bombing the towns and neighborhoods, delivering the 24 page magazine.  By Sunday morning the liberal Democrat candidate running against Rep. John Bennett was squalling and bawling that someone "littered" his entire county with newspapers.  Screaming about the "lies" being told about him, about his father (a previous state rep) voting for and co authoring most of the huge tax credits that are gutting the state budget for core purpose spending, and outrage at exposing the corrupt cronies that run the county.  Priceless…

There is simply nothing else that you can do that will have the impact on corrupt politics in Oklahoma.  So come down and spend a few hours or spend the day helping out.   There are usually some interesting people helping out, bondsmen, cops, fellow activists, and more than one housewife or retired guy so the conversations about state and national politics are varied and interesting.  This election is huge as we have a real shot at getting a murderous, villainous, corrupt county sheriff kicked to the curb and replaced by a conservative Republican.  A few of the state questions will have huge impacts on the state if they pass so now is the time to take a few hours to pitch in.

The address is 358 North Rockwell, then come to the SE corner of the industrial park that is on the SE corner of North Rockwell and Melrose.  Huge blue overhead doors, The Carpenter Shop is the name of the business.  Come in past the pallets of cardboard boxes and you will find where we are working in the showroom. Anytime between 8 am and 7 pm the entire week.  Call if you need help finding the shop  405-412-6233