Sunday, October 2, 2016

Will the October Surprise be a Perp Walk for John Whetsel?

Will the October Surprise be a Perp Walk for John Whetsel?
  Multiple sources are saying that Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel might be facing a series of seven charges due to an state audit.  That audit was set upon the diminutive county sheriff by his one time ally Oklahoma County Prosecutor David Prater who is also a Democrat.

  Now folks, this just doesn’t happen at this level in politics unless they have the guy nailed to the wall and terrified of something worse.  When you are part of the system you know where the bodies are buried and who buried them so you are locked into a mutual destruction pact with your fellow politicians.  The only way one will go down is if all of the others are on board and ready to discredit the one being thrown under the bus.

  Now we aren’t saying Whetsel doesn’t have it coming; they guy ought to have been deposed and perhaps investigated and jailed a decade ago and we have called for this since 2010.  The Butcher of Oklahoma County has had more deaths in his jails than all the previous sheriffs combined since statehood.  His Tower of Terror has been allowed to run down and filled to over capacity by delaying the ordinary release of prisoners in the hope that he can force the feds to step in and order a new jail built.  They have the land picked out and are already forcing out long time residents using building code and property upkeep ordinances.

  Whetsel has always ignored the jail except to use it to drive controversy.   Few of his actual deputies work in the jail, with most of the work being done by low wage Detention Officers, so that the deputies can harass motorists on the interstates in the hope of shaking down some civil asset forfeiture.  Whetsel can’t see the jail from his house in Florida and the more deaths the quicker he washes his hands of the problem.   

  Whetsel’s budget has collapsed as well after a judge ordered him to set the daily incarceration rate at the same rate he was contracting to keep state inmates, a 60% reduction from what Whetsel had proposed to the judge.   Finances are also slow because the bad check collections are down as checks are used less and less in the economy.   It is so bad that a few weeks ago two inmates were seen changing out of Detention Officer uniforms into orange jail jumpsuits.  That’s right, internal jail sources are saying that trustees are being used as jailers, similar to the use of Jews as enforcers in the Nazi Concentration Camps.

  If Whetsel does take a perp walk before the general election on November 8th it will be because Prater is willing to lock down and dismiss any counter charges that his one time ally will make.  There is no doubt that the State Auditor is going to find copious amounts of irregularities and there is no doubt that the Attorney General Office won’t shy away from taking Whetsel down as long as long time cronies like Prater and the other county officials support the removal.