Monday, October 24, 2016

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed!
  We have 30,000 more copies of the Oklahoma Guardian magazine that need printed, folded, bagged and delivered before the 5th of November.   No matter where you live you can help out by taking 500 copies home to fold and bag and deliver in your area if you can or return them to OKC for delivery. That should take about  three hours of your time or less.

  We are looking at covering at leas five House Districts but with the voter guides on Judicial Retention and the State Questions he issues can be distributed almost anywhere across the state.

  Nothing is more powerful than reaching out directly to the voters and bypassing the political lies and the misleading media.   Nothing bring more terror to the heart of a politician.   Even if your district doesn't get covered the state rep and state senator will see other politicians getting exposed and they will vote better in the coming session.

  Please get involved by replying to this emailed newsletter.  If you can't help, please donate to the cause to enable those with plenty of time but little funds to spend on gas or to help pay for the printing and bagging materials.  For a nickle per voter you can bring truth and transparency.