Monday, October 10, 2016

Senator David Holt, AKA as Cooter Holt is bleeding from his.

Locker Room Braggadocio  

The RINOs are out in force and frothing at the mouth over a decade old tape that surfaced of Donald Trump bragging about trying to seduce a married tramp.  The woman is in show business for God's sake… decent women don't last long or get anywhere in that trade.  And decent women don't go furniture shopping with other men if they are married.  This wasn't unwanted advances, this was a negotiation and her hoo haw wasn't worth the price she was asking.

Yeah, Trump isn't the sort of guy you'd want watching your 21 year old daughter, powerful men seldom are that kind of guy.  Yeah the Donald talked about just grabbing women by their "David Holts" and that they would put up with it.   Again, these sort of women probably would and would consider it a compliment that a powerful or famous man would want them.

And if women didn't like this sort of talk then who in the hell bought those 80 million copies of Fifty Shades of Grey?

Of course we can't write the word "p****y" in our newsletter because of filters on some office emails might get the reader in trouble but a good synonym for that vulgar word would indeed be Senator David Holt.

Holt you see became hysterical the other day and decided to jump on the Trump resign band wagon, really more of an opportunity to show his RINO ass and build some brownie points with the disintegrating donor class and GOP elites.  Holt forgot that he once served as a close aide to Dennis Hastert when Hastert was U.S. Speaker of the House.  Hastert of course was busted paying off hush money to young men he had raped or molested while working as a wrestling coach.   Hold bragged about being Hastert's aide and his access as the gatekeeper to Hastert.   One has to assume that he also knew of Hastert's deviant leanings when it came to young men and being that Hastert was 22 years old at the time who is to say he didn't get the job because Hastert had the hots for him?  Only David Holt knows the answer to that and to many it seems the lady doth protest too much.
Hastert wound up going to federal prison for evading money laundering laws while withdrawing hundreds of thousands of dollars for hush money.  How long it went on no one knows but the close relationship that Senator David Holt had with the man leaves open the possibility that Hold knew of Hastert's perversions and chose to say nothing.

Fact is that normal people will talk locker room trash when we think we can get away with it.  Straight men do it, the homosexuals do it (probably talking about David Holt), and even women do it.   A lot of women dress the way they do so as to attract attention and are avid devotees of the trashy bodice ripper paperback books.  Not all women certainly but a lot of women.

Senator David Holt had a RINO Index score of 30 last session, getting 14 out of 20 votes wrong.  You really thing this tool wants Donald Trump cleaning things up?  You really think he wants Trump supporting the issues in the GOP Party Platform?

Senator David Holt is an opportunistic dirt bag as is any GOP elite that uses this decade old trash talk to damage the GOP presidential nominee.  We think that Holt has more than earned the nickname "Cooter" a slang term for you know what.  Has a nice ring to it…Senator David "Cooter" Holt…