Monday, March 20, 2017

Comrade Yen & Himmler Henke Know How to Raise Your Children

Comrade Yen and Himmler Henke Know How to Raise Your Children

Mao Zedong and Heinrich Himmler had nothing on Oklahoma's own Comrade Yen and Katie Henke when it comes to goose stepping over parental rights and common sense.  Mao was the leader of the communist party in China and responsible for millions of deaths through war and starvation as the country turned Communist.   Himmler was the leader of the SS in wartime Germany, a leading figure of the Nazi Party and the main architect of the extermination of Jews in the concentration camps and across the Russian steppes.   

What both had in common and what both share in common with Comrade Yen and Rep. Katie 'Himmler' Henke is that all four believe that the state is has the final decision on what is best for your children as your children are the property of the state.

Comrade Yen and Himmler Henke are being true to their beliefs with their latest attempt to crush parental rights and liberty in Oklahoma via SB 765.    In addition to the required eye protection, a timer, and believe it or not, a handrail, it would become illegal for anyone under 18 years of age to use a tanning bed under their bill.   Under the new law the owners of the tanning booth must post a sign stating that it is illegal for those under 18 to use the tanning booth, that there are penalties for doing so, and that anyone can report the illegal use of tanning booths to the local police.  And also post a warning that the use of tanning booths has health risks involved….

That's right, the Idiot of the Oklahoma Senate, Comrade Yen, the imbecile that has refused to allow vaccine risks to be mentioned to Oklahoma parents, is now trying to force tanning booth owners to mention risks to their patients.

I guess Comrade Yen doesn't have any financial interests in tanning booths.

SB 795 isn't about the proliferation of useless laws, the pandering of politicians at the Capitol trying to look like they are doing something productive while ignoring the finances of the state, it is about idiots and imbeciles attacking parental rights and controlling as many people as possible.

Legislation like this is no different than a rapist attacking an old woman; it isn't about sexual pleasure, it is about power and getting their jollies off by forcing people to jump through hoops.  Legislators like Henke and Yen are the sickest of predators and they wrap their disgusting goals in a veneer of "saving the children".