Monday, March 6, 2017

Comrade Yen Openly Ridiculed

Comrade Yen Openly Ridiculed
Most of us laughed out loud at this YouTube video explaining how Senator Yen was killing parental rights in order to continue the profits of the vaccine industry and the medical industry.    Yen's SB 83 bill passed the Senate committee last week but only after Comrade Yen heavily amended his own bill prior to putting the bill before the committee.

Yen added a provision where a parent can make a written objection to a particular vaccine or schedule and after viewing a video on the benefits and dangers of vaccines their child is exempted.  But the exemption is valid for only two years and the information on the state video is going to be heavily censored against the vaccines can cause harm crowd.
Even more fun were the post cards that hit Senator Yen's district, very cool retro looking post cards right out of central casting in a 1950 communist threat movie. 

Then there is that lazy eye thing that Yen has going on.   Brain tumor?  Infection causing the other eye to bulge?  Weirdcreepy weird.