Monday, March 13, 2017

Miss Illegal Immigration Is Back On The Campaign trail

Mrs. Illegal Immigration is Back on the Campaign Trail

Estela Hernandez, the former Vice Chair of the Oklahoma Republican Party is back to doing public appearances again after a humiliating butt whipping in the late 2015 Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman race.      Hernandez was elected as Vice Chair in the spring of 2015 with the very popular former Senator Randy Brogdon elected as Chairman.  Hernandez chaffed at her subservient role though and quickly began undermining Brogdon in an effort to oust the grass roots supported leader.

The effort was rocky, with Hernandez getting caught lying about being mistreated by Brogdon, including a humiliating radio show interview where Hernandez was caught lying red handed as she didn't know her tirade against Brogdon had been taped.    Hernandez backed down from her attempted coup against Brogdon and unfortunately Brogdon forgave and forgot, leaving the evil Hernandez free to continue her plotting and undermining of the popularly elected GOP Chairman.

By October Brogdon had had enough of the constant sniping and accusations and announced his resignation with Hernandez taking over control for a few months till an election could be held.  At the October Oklahoma City meeting Hernandez mounted the stage with dozens and dozens of supporters, supremely confident that she would win the GOP Chairman position.   A very weak conservative candidate spent his time on stage blubbering about the post card attacks between Hernandez and Pam Pollard and as those voting were the County Chairmen and Vice Chairs the grass roots weren't there to repeat a conservative victory.

Pollard went on stage with just two supporters… everyone thought that deal was done but Pollard won the most votes and a run off was avoided by Hernandez conceding the loss rather than chance a runoff election that she knew she would surely lose.

What caused the polar shift?  The Sooner Tea Party had released the tape of Hernandez verbally abusing Brogdon at the meeting where Hernandez later claimed Brogdon humiliated and abused her!  We sent the recording out to the County Chairs and Vice Chairs the night before the election meeting along with a video tape of Estela Hernandez's illegal alien workers.  Off the camera but heard is Estela's husband showing off a job site to a Sooner Tea Party private investigator.  The idiot actually invited our PI into the home his illegal alien crew was remodeling and the PI taped an illegal alien stammering "No!  No!   No English!"

Here is the video tape of Estela's illegal alien  helping Estella steal jobs from American workers.

Estela had a half dozen illegals working for their company, you could see them line up on pay day at their Yukon home where Estela and her husband ran their company out of.  Most were obviously gang member types, all driving nice trucks which is possible if you aren't paying for insurance and being paid cash for your work.