Sunday, March 26, 2017

Why Obama Care is Still the Law of the Land

About Janna Ryan, of Madill, Oklahoma


  Despite Trump's lobbying and arm twisting the deeply flawed Obama Care replacement law was withdrawn from consideration last week after moderate Republicans joined the Freedom Caucus House members in refusing to support the bill.  The bill was developed in secret, without debate or negotiation over the details, pushed by Speaker Paul Ryan as a binary choice; take it or leave it.

Ryan of course is Republican so this was a gift to the liberal press who trumped another "fail" for Trump and buttressed their already rabid attacks against Trump and other conservative leaders. But is Ryan really a Republican?   Meet his wife, Janna Ryan.

Born in Madill Oklahoma, Janna Christine Little became a powerful Washington D.C. lobbyist after graduating from Wellesley College and then George Washington University with a law degree.   She lived in Washington D.C. for about ten years before meeing Paul Ryan on her 30th birthday.

Janna Ryan's parents were wealthy and politically connected lawyers from Madill Oklahoma.  She attended the same college as her mother, then after graduation she worked as a congressional aide, then as a corporate lobbyist with clients such as Blue Cross Blue Sheild, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, Marathon Oil, UPS, and the  Cigar Association of America.  She produced millions of dollars of income for her lobbying firm until she met Paul Ryan, married in Oklahoma, then moved to Paul Ryan's hometown of Janesville, Wisconsiin.

Paul Ryan ran as Mitt Romney's VP in 2012 and lost to Obama/Biden. 

His wife Janna had gone to the same liberal college as Hillary Clinton, Cokie Roberts,  and Madeline Albright.

Janna Ryan has deep Democratic roots.  Her father Reuel Little founded a third political party in Oklahoma in 1968 in order to get Democratic Presidential Candidate George Wallace on the ballot.   Reuel ran for Governor in 1970 and received only 4% of the vote.   His son in law David Boren ran for Congress in 1974 and won.  That's right, her uncle is none other than David Boren, former Democrat Senator and current head of OU. 

  Janna worked for former Democrat U.S. Representative Bill Brewster as a congressional aide for years. 

Once Janna's mother died in 2010 she became a millionaire from the inheritance.

And people wonder why the Republicans couldn't put together a bill to defeat Obama Care….