Tuesday, March 14, 2017

One Of Oklahoma's Finest Bureaucrats

One of Oklahoma's Finest Bureacrats

Preston Doerflinger's OSCN.net cases not including state cases and seat belt violations (4)

Speeding  December 1996
Speeding June 1999 
Speeding   September 1999
Speeding  May 2000
Divorce   Jennifer Lee  December of 2000
Suspended license, early October 201
Plead guilty October 29th 2001

Domestic Disturbance  Simple Assault  against Jill Wells Doerflinger  September 2012

2nd Divorce from Jill      April 2013, continues on to this very day
Speeding  July 2013   Dismissed without costs
Arrested for Actual Physical Control (DUI type arrest, car parked)  January 2015
Driving without insurance   November 2016  Dismissed
Speeding   November 2016