Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Smiling Bob Supplanted By dell Kerbs

March 5th 2016 Newsletter
Smiling Bob Supplanted by
Smiling Dell Kerbs?

Everyone remembers the commercials back in the early 2000's of smiling Bob and Mrs. Bob selling the male enhancement product Enzyte.   And by male enhancement the claims meant that one's  "David Holt" became larger as a result of using the herbal supplement. Eventually federal agents raided the company over thousands of complaints of people being auto charged for shipments long after they had canceled the reoccurring monthly order.  The owner and his mother were charged and convicted of a hundred million dollars in fraud and forfeited 500 million dollars.

So when Rep. Dell Kerbs was heard last week defending his HB1373 as not a tax increase but as a "revenue enhancement" the smiling Bob jokes came rolling in.  What Kerbs' bill will do is raise taxes on registered trailers including off road trailers that never are put on the highway by $11.00 per trailer.

Sorry Smiling Dell Kerbs, this is a tax increase as it creates  tax or fee on a previously untaxed item.   We get it that the state is under the gun and wanting to fleece taxpayers after the billions in new and increased fees passed last year but claiming this isn't a tax increase is on par with the herbal supplement that promised to give people largerDavid Holts….