Sunday, March 12, 2017

Looking for Wheasel 2.0?

PD Taylor the Whetsel Retread Using Inmate Produced Sign Stakes

  Back in 2012 then Sheriff John Whetsel got caught using Oklahoma County jail inmates to produce rebar sign stakes for his political signs and using county owned paint to paint the ends of the rebar.   Whetsel denied knowing it was going on but PD Taylor as the undersheriff and responsible for the day to day operation of the jail certainly did.  The matter was "investigated" meaning swept under the rug after the initial news report and quietly dropped from view.

  And now four years later we find PD Taylor signs with the infamous white tipped rebar stakes, no doubt donated by Whetsel to the lackey Whetsel intends to run the Sheriff Department long enough to make sure all the buried bodies rot beyond recognition.

  PD Taylor actually running the jail for the last decade and more makes him as responsible for Whetsel for all the deaths, unpaid medical bills, and numerous lawsuits.  However he will receive the blessings of the Chamber of Commerce as he supports their plan for a new half billion dollar jail.