Monday, March 27, 2017

The Yellow Peril Defeated

Comrade Yen Begs Senate to Reconsider to no Avail

Communist leaning and tyrannical Senator Edwin Yen faced humiliation last week as he begged the Senate to reconsider his SB83, the bill that would have forced parents to submit their children to vaccination even if they had religious or medical reasons for not vaccinating.   The tyrannical dictator wanna be desperately watered down his bill before the final vote but the legislation failed anyway, stripping Comrade Yen of much of his reputation  as the one thing that politicians can't support is a loser that is vectoring the wrath of the voting public upon an issue.

The vote was on a motion to reconsider.   Below is a list of the socialistic bastards that believe that the state has more ownership of your children than you do:
    YEAS:   22
  Bass  Floyd  Pederson  Sharp  Bergstrom  Jech   Pemberton   Smalley   Bice  Kidd    Pittman    Sparks  Dossett       Matthews   Pugh    Yen     Dugger        McCortney   Rader   Fields      Paxton        Scott        
 Below is the list of state senators that did the right thing and voted against this communistic power grab to control your children:

   NAYS:   17

  Allen   Leewright    Silk  Thompson  Brecheen   Marlatt   Simpson  Treat  Dahm  Newberry   Standridge   Daniels  Newhouse Stanislawski       David   Shaw   Sykes   

Below is the list of the cowards who preferred to dodge the vote and betray the parents in their Senate Districts:

    Boggs    Fry  Holt  Quinn  Brown   Griffin   Loveless  Schulz

The principle House author of Comrade Yen's bill was Representative Chris Kannaday, a member of the small team of men that control Speaker Charles McCall.   This sort of thing is exactly why Donald Trump steamrolled the RINO Republicans in 2016 and it is why Republicans will begin to lose seats all across the U.S. if the conservative Republicans don't put adults in charge of policy and legislation.

At least the evil legislation is dead although we can expect Comrade Yen to attempt to force the legislation through using other means and bring it back at the next opportunity if we allow the communist sympathizer to remain in office.